Firefly Recovery Starter Pack - recover faster, train harder!

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The Firefly Recovery Starter Pack contains 2 pairs of firefly recovery devices and one pair of firefly Knee Straps.  SAVE $10 vs. purchasing items separately. Firefly Recovery is used by over 150 pro and college teams as well as elite and everyday athletes to increase full body circulation and promote a faster recovery. Firefly Recovery devices relieve muscle soreness after exercise and these portable, easy to use devices can be used anytime, anywhere. Firefly Recovery has been clinically proven to decrease recovery time by 3X by increasing blood flow. Each firefly device provides 6-12 sessions of recovery time, based on usage guidelines (recommended recovery sessions of 2-4 hours). Firefly Recovery devices work best when used with knee straps. Recover pre- and post-workout, at home, at the office, during travel, and on-the-go with these easy to use, portable and lightweight recovery devices.  Firefly Recovery has been found to aid recovery after moderate to high-intensity workouts, including: running, weightlifting, CrossFit, swimming, cycling, martial arts, and boxing.