The process of getting recruited can be an exciting time in the life of high school student-athletes and his or her parents. It can also at times seem overwhelming and create uncertainty around the process, the role of the student-athlete, their parents, high school coaches and the college coaches they hope to be recruited by in the coming years. That’s why we’ve partnered with Next Gen Athletes. To help remove a lot of the mystery around the process, provide you educational information to ensure you’re doing your part in the recruiting process with tools and resources to help ensure the process is as exciting as it should be. 




 Recruiting Educational Content

Recruiting Guides that cover a number of topics including Effective Communication with Coaches, Recruiting Calendar, Official & Unofficial Visits, High Academic Recruiting & The Rules of Recruiting (members get all updated guides as NCAA rules evolve)

Monthly Recruiting Webinars

Each month we will bring in an expert to host a webinar covering one facet of the recruiting process. All webinars will also include time for live Q&A with the audience attending. Get answers to any recruiting questions you may have! 

 1-on-1 Meetings

Initial thirty-minute discussion with one of our teammates to understand your goals, concerns and initial questions about the recruiting process.

Athletic Resumes

A single source document that helps college coaches know important personal, athletic and academic information about yourself. Use this to introduce yourself in the recruiting process & keep them up-to-date during each year of high school. 

 Annual Recruiting Checklists

Tailored to your high school year. Breaks down key activities you should do during each season of the year to help keep you on track athletically and academically.

 Email Templates

Our guidance & templates will help you feel confident with your outreach & set you up for ongoing coach conversations.