Personal Sports Training

Elite Speed is a fully comprehensive personal sports training solution.

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Our main personal sports training offerings are in developed around individualized performance formats. This allows us to give personalized instruction and address specific bio-mechanical and sport-specific needs. We all learn how to do the same things differently. Getting a private tutor for your strength and speed should something all next level athletes seek out. We also offer team training and facility rentals along with our team training. All private and semi-private training clients gain full access to weights, machines, tunnels, recovery rooms, online programs, progress tracking and the basketball court.

Additional Services Include:

Physimax Initial Screening


Private Training (1 on 1)

Private Training maximizes training performance by addressing individual athletic needs in a one-on-one session with a performance trainer. Full bio-mechanical movement analysis, sport-specified movement pattern coaching, strength training, and extended program design are completed for each athlete. Performance trainers will regularly assess athletic progress through state of the art, unbiased testing.

Semi-Private Training (2 – 5 max)

Semi-Private training addresses multiple athletes’ specific needs by segmenting them within age and ability-specific small groups. Similar to private training, semi-private training offers fully individualized program design and analysis. The goal of semi-private training is to utilize other athletes strengths to influence growth of the entire small group. Bio-mechanical needs are still addressed in this type of training and cannot exceed 5 athletes to remain effective. Sessions are arranged with an individual performance specialist.

Team Training

Team performance training utilizes the benefits of team sport synergy, and cooperation. Training as a team helps with the understanding of multiple roles, unity, individuality, and leadership. At Elite Speed we design and implement a detailed performance program to limit weight room risk and meet team performance objectives. Sessions consist of the fundamental components of strength, power, explosiveness, agility, and flexibility. Team training is sport specialized and specific, addressing team strengths and weaknesses. Trainer ratios are held at a maximum of 12:1.