Online Personal Training Programming

Elite Speed is a fully comprehensive personal sports training solution, utilize our digital programming to achieve your goals

Monthly Programming: 

Beginner Phase - Block Programming - Basic Strength 1

Intermediate - Block Programming - Basic Strength 1


Off - Season Speed & Power

Elite Explosive Series - Jumping Phase 1


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Our online personal training programming includes a full array of workout programs accessible online right from your phone, tablet or computer. From weight and strength training, to active recovery programs and high intensity interval training, we are going to give you an online schedule that will get you the best results possible. Get rid of redundant workouts and failing diet plans. We will get you an online or a virtual training regimen that will work around the financial limitations of having a personal trainer. It doesn’t matter where you live or where you train, we will deliver a plan to get your needs met.



Additional Services Include:

  • Supplementation recommendations and discounts to Elite Speed members
  • Meal Planning and Diet Tricks and Tips
  • Online Leaderboards and Challenges with The Elite Online community
  • Video Demonstrations of each exercise


Elite Custom Programming

This is exactly how it sounds, completely customized for you! Using a series of assessments, virtual check-ins, streamlined communication via photos and videos and progress checking, we are able to maximize any results while reducing your injury risks. This is ideal for the out of town user, serial traveler or athlete that doesn’t have access to high end strength and conditioning programming. We compliment this gold standard offering with custom meal and supplement planning.

Premier Performance Programming

The Premier Performance Programming is one step down from a fully customized program and at 25% of the total cost. Premier Performance is a series of online programs that are specifically designed by sport or overall goal and are pre-written for pre-determined micro, macro or mesocycles. Our Premier Performance online programs have delivered incredible results and still enable clients to train where they want and where they want.

Basic Performance Programming

The Basic Performance Programming is our most cost effective way to get good quality workouts in regardless of sport, ability or goal. We offer a wide array of Basic Performance Programs to either lose weight, gain muscle mass, improve cardiac output or even just improve overall physical and mental health.

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