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Total Performance Recovery offers complete post-operative rehabilitation and recovery from a premier Sports Performance Medicine Team.  Our rehabilitation experts include sports trained physical therapists and highly skilled performance recovery specialists with a variety of certifications. We guide our athletes and clients through their recovery program from initial post-operative range of motion to sports test preparation prior to returning to athletic participation.   During the recovery process we encompass every necessary milestone of care, from injury resilience to the highest levels of healthcare innovation for optimal recovery keeping the athlete’s goals in mind. 


Following injury, it is crucial to begin immediate and progressive rehabilitation which is why this program includes three distinct phases with a multidisciplinary team and approach. Without a proper rehabilitative program, injury recurrence, slowed progressions, mental frustration, and overall health decline may occur. With a proper recovery program, progress, development, and growth can be optimized.  Elite Speed will challenge and progress the performance phase of your recovery which occurs as early as 16 weeks (phase 3) after surgery. 


Our comprehensive team approach enhances recovery in a more encouraging setting with the full spectrum of tools needed for optimal recovery.  Clients will work with doctors, physical therapists, performance recovery specialists, and athletic trainers, providing a complete and cohesive solution to your injury recovery needs. 


Progression within a community environment is second to none with a team-based approach for training. In the later phases of rehabilitation, after meeting specific milestone-based criteria, personalized attention and specific needs are met within sessions led by a performance recovery specialist that will include a maximum of 4 athletes to 1 trainer.  This allows us to enhance the quality of care to the athletes, thus improving healing and recovery and developing true resilience after overcoming an injury.  A team atmosphere with consistent communication between the supervising physical therapist and performance recovery specialist as well as periodic follow up visits with the physical therapist ensures coherence, positivity, and growth.


The ability to perform at a high level on the field, in daily activities, and in an active lifestyle all depend on the physical foundation your body is built upon. The training provided will optimize different aspects of performance such as strength, mobility, stability, speed, power, and agility in preparation for full clearance and return to sport after passing a return to sports test depending upon your injury, surgery and personal goals. This helps enhance performance to a high level with a safe and effective foundation.

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