Joining Fees. I agree to pay the Initiation and Membership Fees listed above to obtain this membership, including enrollment and/or administrative fees. These are non-refundable fees, except as otherwise described. If membership or any member is terminated or removed, additional Joining Fees will apply only at the time of initial sign up.

Membership Dues.  Membership Dues consist of all dues applicable to the membership, including but not limited to the Primary Member, any Additional Members and any Junior Members as set forth above. The Membership Dues are due and payable in advance on the first of each month that this membership remains in effect. Elite Speed Sports Performance reserves the right to determine the amount and terms of payment of Membership Dues and any other fees, including service, late or invalid payment fees (set forth in club policies), all of which dues and fees may be increased in Elite Speed Sports Performance’s sole discretion.My obligation to pay Membership Dues is not dependent upon usage of Elite Speed Sports Performance’ centers, participation in Elite Speed Sports Performance’ programs, availability of or access to all of Elite Speed Sports Performance’ centers or whether or not each person on this membership has signed a Member Usage Agreement.


I may terminate this membership for any reason during the first 7 days of membership and receive a refund of the Joining Fees and Membership Dues.  This guarantee does not apply if I previously have terminated a Elite Speed Sports Performance membership or to any products or services that were a part of any membership package or that I or anyone else on this membership have purchased within this period. I may terminate or downgrade this membership for any reason beyond the first 7 days of membership by giving advance written notice as described below.During the voluntary termination period, the privileges of this membership will remain in effect.To terminate or downgrade my membership, I agree to provide one month (30 days) advance written form filled out  notice to Elite Speed Sports Performance. Terminations and downgrades will be effective 30 days following the date of notice (e.g., written/emailed notice received by Elite Speed Sports Performance on January 15 will terminate or downgrade my membership effective February 14). Any membership dues paid for partial months will be prorated to the effective termination or downgrade date.I may provide written/emailed notice of termination or downgrades in person at my club or as otherwise permitted by Elite Speed Sports Performance alongside of one of the Directors of Development.No voluntary termination is effective until I have paid Elite Speed Sports Performance all amounts due and owing.  Any refunds will be processed within 15 business days and refunded electronically to my designated credit/debit card or checking/savings account. 


Elite Speed Sports Performance at its sole discretion reserves the rights to change and alter any membership privilege level and allowance without written notice to customers. The memberships & service  levels and types, the availability of which vary by location, include:

1) Elite Speed Sports Performance Membership: $14.99 / month (Including Nutrition, access to Elite recovery room at Centennial, priority scheduling with the UC Health medical system, nutrition coaching, initial assessment of Recruiting with TU Recruiting, accessibility to Elite Speed 2.0 (which is at the sole discretion and removal of Elite Speed Sports Performance), Access to all Elite Speed Sports Performance Training Centers in the presence of a corresponding Sports Performance Specialist.

2) Elite Speed Sports Performance Private Training Sessions:Private training sessions ranging in 1 session package to 20 session package. Private training sessions expire 24 months from date of purchase regardless of usage or not. Elite Speed Sports Performance Membership must be in effect to utilize Private  Performance Training Services.

3) Elite Speed Sports Performance Semi-Private Training Sessions:Semi-Private training sessions ranging in 6 and 16 session packages. Semi- Private training sessions expire 24 months from date of purchase regardless of usage or not. Elite Speed Sports Performance Membership must be in effect to utilize Semi-Private  Performance Training Services.

4) Elite Speed Sports Performance Semi-Private Monthly Auto-Renew Sessions:Semi-Private training monthly auto renewal sessions come in various monthly session allowances ranging from 4 / month to 16/month and facilitate like a membership to where it renews on the 1st of each month. If you do not utilize all of your purchased training sessions, they do not roll over, and they are non-refundable. There is a 30 day cancellation notice that is of the exact nature to the Elite Speed Sports Performances Membership.This cancellation is initiated through the Elite Speed website www.elitespeedsp.comunder the cancellation linkat the bottom of every page. Elite Speed Sports Performance Membership must be in effect to utilize Semi-Private  Performance Training Services.