Max Muscle

Max CLA + Max Liquicarn

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  • HIGHEST QUALITY SUPPLEMENTS: Lab-tested for potency and purity. We use only the higest quality ingredients that are backed by the latest research and development to enhance your workout

  • AIDS FAT LOSS AND OXIDATION: Effective as a weight loss supplement by increasing fat metabolism and enhancing fat loss

  • INCREASES LEAN MASS: Helps increase strength and build muscle for enhanced performance

  • PROMOTES LEAN MUSCLE MASS: Support healthy weight management and helps protect muscle tissue during exercise

  • Promotes lean muscle mass^Support healthy weight management^Helps protect muscle tissue during exercise


Liquid-based Fat Burning Optimizer
  • Supports Optimal Fat Metabolism and Energy Production†
  • Provides 1,250 mg of Bioactive L-Carnitine per Serving
  • Efficiently Burns Fat Throughout the Day for Optimal Weight Loss†
  • Provides Energy for Muscles During Exercise†
  • Fast Acting Liquid