The Rotator Cuff: Tear, Impingement or Imbalance?

What Makes Up A “Rotator Cuff?” The Rotator Cuff (RC) is the grouping of muscles that keep the ball of the humerus into the socket of the shoulder.  When asked to describe the RC we like to use an analogy that’s similar to a radio microphone.  The humerus is suspended similar to a microphone by an internal shock mount.  The…

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Weight Lifting & Adolescent Growth Plates

Weight bearing activities are essential for normal bone formation & growth in Adolescents. We are often asked if it’s safe to have kids and teenagers lift weights. There is always some concern about growth (Epiphyseal) plates and how it can negatively effect the growth of our youth.  Some parents are seeking ways to give their child a competitive edge in sports…

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Mastering In-Season Training


    There are 3 major take aways for training in-season: Do not stop training. Strength train at least once per week. Train heavy at times. There are more factors that go into an effective off-season training program, but these are 3 big ones. Here at Elite Speed Sports Performance we see athletes all too often stop training during…

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Creatine: What You Should Know


Creatine is one of the most popular supplements on the market. It was discovered in 1832, but was not recognized as a sports performance aid until the early 90’s (1). Since then it has been one of the most studied supplements in the world. Why use it? Increased lean body mass (1,3) Increased muscle fiber cross-sectional area (muscle density)…

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4 Steps to Improved Acceleration

Changing sprinting mechanics takes a lot of work. To gain a quicker and more powerful first step, make sure you are doing these drills. Remember – consistency and deliberate, focused practice is the key. Stair / Hill Sprints Running stairs and hills helps maintain the “A” acceleration position while strengthening your backside muscles (posterior chain) as well as the…

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