Our Team

We are teachers & problem-solvers with years of experience in athletic training.

As a team we can overcome any performance challenge. We have competed in many different sports, studied many different fields, and bring this cross-disciplinary approach to help our athletes bridge the gap between training and in game performance. Every person learns, adapts, grows and responds differently. No matter your ability level, we will focus on you as an individual and help you achieve your goals!

  • B.S. & M.S. Degrees:  Arkansas State, Montana State, University of Colorado, Colorado State, Concord University, Northern Colorado, Belmont University, University of Montana, Oregon State, Metro State University, Colorado State Pueblo and Virginia Tech.

  • Ex NCAA and Pro Athletes from background which include Football, Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field, Winter Olympic Sports and Rugby,

  • In 5 Years we’ve helped over 250 High School Athletes Earn NCAA Scholarships

  • 6 1st Round Draft Picks across 4 major sports.

    • 3 MLB 1st Round Draft Picks
  • 5 Local Sports Performance Facility of the Year Awards